Links – September 22, 2015

Did Iran give up the Khobar Towers terrorist? Apparently yes; perhaps a sign that relations can improve after the nuclear agreement. Also, first American students accepted at an Iranian university.

Iran has its own hardliners who don’t like the nuclear agreement.

The Russian newspaper Tass says that about 2500 Russians are fighting with Islamic State troops. Should get interesting if it becomes Russians on the side of the Assad regime against Russians with IS, although apparently the Russian plan is to target other opposition to the Assad regime first.

Ukraine cancels plans for two reactors to be built with Russia.

2015 Chicago Council survey of American opinion and foreign policy (pdf).

New York Times: When radiation isn’t the real risk. “We’re bad at balancing risks, we humans, and we live in a world of continual uncertainty. Trying to avoid the horrors we imagine, we risk creating ones that are real.”

Controversy continues over the mixed-oxide reactor fuel (MOX) plant. The plutonium to be processed in the plant is 34 tons that the US has agreed with the Russians to dispose of. The agreement is to make it into MOX fuel and burn it in reactors. Looks like there won’t be agreement on this any time soon. More from Areva. which has an interest in building the MOX plant, but the points are worth considering.

The Hughes Glomar Explorer is headed to the scrapyard. The CIA had the ship built to retrieve a sunken Soviet submarine. It failed.

New evidence the Nazis didn’t come close to the bomb.

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