Links – October 26, 2015

A new portrait of Carl von Clausewitz, master theorist of war, has been found.

In 1983, the Soviets thought that an American military exercise, Able Archer, was preparation for a first nuclear strike. The President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board report on the incident has now been declassified, and is available in the George Washington University National Security Archive. David Hoffman gives a shorter version.

Rose Gottemoeller, Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, explains the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Her boss, John Kerry, has said that this will be the next big US initiative in nuclear arms control.

The Russian Navy is hanging out around the undersea cables that conduct international communications and commerce. Makes the US nervous.

A nice summary of the issues facing Russia in Syria.

Here’s what will happen if Iran joins the World Trade Organization. One more way Iran is different from North Korea.

Long-form article on uranium mining in Niger.

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