Monday Links – November 2, 2015

This is the most complete account I have seen of the crash of the Russian charter jet in the Sinai. Updates are coming regularly. What is remarkable to me is that Russia is not providing a number of outrageous stories. The chief executive of Metrojet even says it couldn’t possibly have been anything his airline did wrong, just as Western executives often do. ISIS claimed responsibility, but the jet was higher than most ground-based weapons can reach. The animosity toward Russia, due to Russia’s intervention in Syria, is telling, though. Photo from Reuters video.

How much of a threat is ISIS to Russia?

Who’s on which side in the Syrian civil war?

Iran begins to remove centrifuges. If they really are going to to this in two weeks, it’s likely that the centrifuges will be damaged, thereby achieving the destruction that some opponents of the agreement wanted.

Brazil’s nuclear history could give some insight into where Iran may go in the future. It was in an arms race with Argentina during the 1970s and 1980s, and the two countries managed to turn things around. But now there are allegations of corruption within the program.

Looks like Turkmenistan is the latest of the former Soviet Republics to be put off by Vladimir Putin’s adventurism.

Meanwhile, the EU may suspend most of its sanctions on Belarus, which has also become wary of Russia since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Since Putin claims that it was Ukraine’s getting too close to the EU that made him invade, Belarus might think twice about this.

If Russia intends to deport all Ukrainians, that could cause a massive humanitarian emergency.

Russia may be trying to create a global nuclear power empire, but the financial picture has never¬†added up,¬†and it’s worse now than whan I wrote that last link.

Not going to be a US military uranium enrichment plant any time soon.

More about that blimp that got away last week.

A researcher who is finding little to no radionuclides from Fukushima in the Pacific Ocean is being subjected to a hate campaign.