Paris Links – November 16, 2015

Some of the more helpful reading I’ve found on ISIS and related matters.

Will McCants knows his stuff and explains it clearly. On the relationship between ISIS and Islam. Early thoughts after the attack.

Olivier Roy also understands Islam and terrorism well.

Dan Drezner links to McCants and Roy and adds some pithy thoughts.

An anonymous former official of a NATO country on ISIS. (August 2015)

The Brussels suburb that seems to have provided some of the terrorists.

Why the attacks probably won’t change the US election’s outcome.

Paul Krugman has some thoughts that cover terrorism generally.

Image from LesCartons.

I’ll add more as I find them.

Paris: The War ISIS Wants.

The vast majority of foreign fighters don’t become terrorists when they return.

If you are on Twitter, Iyad El-Baghdadi is very informative.

Kevin Drum wins the Internet with the most sense in the fewest words.

How sensationalist news stories make Americans more hawkish. (from October 2014)

Good advice from Stephen Walt on how to proceed. #2: Accept that 100% security is not possible!

The strategic value of threat deflation. (2014) Which is what President Obama seems to be doing. Would be nice if the media and the Republican candidates would think about this.

A poem.

Obama calls out the “toughness” BS. I am writing something about this, but now have to rewrite some to include the Paris attacks.

Added November 17, 2015

Iran reacts to the Paris attacks. Related: a long read about Iran’s role in Syria.

How the Mumbai attacks of 2008 served as a model for the Paris attacks.

Nothing much will change in Europe’s foreign policy toward the Middle East.

ISIS has been losing territory. More air attacks, like from Russia today, may push them back still more.

Could attacks like those in Paris happen in the US? “Could” covers a lot of possibilities, so the answer has to be “yes,” but it’s much less likely.

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