Links – November 11, 2015

Developing: Does Russia have a dirty bomb? Do they want the world to know about it? It looks to me like there are a number of messages being delivered between Russia and the United States more or less publicly. That would include the US’s Trident missile launch along California’s coast. Nuke-rattling via subtweets. Meanwhile, another competition, this one for clicks, continues. The Daily Beast summarizes a Twitter conversation about the Russian bomb that I participated in. Here’s a critique of that kind of journalism. Image from Arms Control Wonk, who says he intends to write more. Read More

Monday Links – November 2, 2015

This is the most complete account I have seen of the crash of the Russian charter jet in the Sinai. Updates are coming regularly. What is remarkable to me is that Russia is not providing a number of outrageous stories. The chief executive of Metrojet even says it couldn’t possibly have been anything his airline did wrong, just as Western executives often do. ISIS claimed responsibility, but the jet was higher than most ground-based weapons can reach. The animosity toward Russia, due to Russia’s intervention in Syria, is telling, though. Photo from Reuters video. Read More