Links — December 4, 2015

Something that critics of the Iran nuclear agreement and this week’s report on Iran’s nuclear weapons work leave out is all the sources of intelligence beyond the IAEA. This week’s IAEA report agrees pretty closely with the 2007 US intelligence estimate. Here’s a good summary of takeaways. And, David Sanger, “fuel compression test”? Really? I always thought that referred to gasoline properties… 

Jeffrey Lewis explains the current state of chemical weapons in Syria. 

Why we can only contain the Islamic State, not bomb it back to the Stone Age.

Syria’s Kurds and their role in the war. Long read.

Today is the day that Russia’s truckers converge on Moscow to protest new taxes. They seem to have had limited success in shutting down Moscow’s ring road. Photo from here. More from the Washington Post.

Do Crimeans see themselves as Russian or Ukrainian? It’s complicated. Russian was the lingua franca of the Soviet Union. But there are many other languages, other ethnicities, in Russia today. There were even more in the Soviet Union. So speaking Russian doesn’t nail down a simple ethnic/political identity. Russian propaganda would like you to think so, though, and too many Western reporters take that simple viewpoint, largely because it is simple.

No, Russia doesn’t require buffer states for its own security.

President John F. Kennedy’s reaction to the Sino-Indian War, which came right after the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

The nuke dump over the hill in Albuquerque. I suspect that the dangers are overdrawn in this article, but without knowing more (and confirming some of the claims about what is in the landfill), it’s hard to say.

Everything you ever wanted to know about advanced nuclear power. 

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