Links – Christmas Eve Edition

The Night Before Christmas, as seen by national security wonks. Top image from here.

Holiday greetings from all of us at Nuclear Diner! Less cheery news below the fold.

Amnesty International investigates Russia’s claims that it is not killing civilians in Syria.

Best summary I’ve seen of the situation in Syria. A slightly different take, on the prospects for a solution.

Most nonproliferation experts say that Pakistan is the most dangerous nuclear nation. Here’s why. One thing that should have been mentioned is that the weapons are stored in pieces that must be mated to make a weapon.

The seven deadly sins of Russia analysis. Seems to me the miraclesins come about when each factor is seen as determinative or is not questioned thoroughly. And the root sin is the desire to believe that the difficulties with Russia will be resolved easily.

I don’t agree with everything in this article, but the quandry is real. What does Putin want? And, I would add, why does he think his current actions are going to get it?

Russia is rearming.

A thorough debunking of Russia’s claim that the West has constantly sought to dismember it.

Why Montenegro’s joining NATO matters.

Claims of a missile alert on Okinawa during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis debunked by former missileers.

Added later –

Numbers of ethnic Russians in the now-independent states of the former Soviet Union.

Forget the reindeer, Santa has an Air Force.

More about Montenegro and NATO. The assymetry with Russia, and probably part of what burns Russia, is that countries want to join NATO and the EU. They see things they want in those organizations, and they are willing to make changes to join them. Nobody is knocking of Russia’s door. Russia could change that, but it would be a big change.

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