Links – January 5, 2016

China wants to build a new rail route to Europe. That would help to open commerce for the Central Asian nations along the way. Those nations were part of the Soviet Union, and Russia sees them as its sphere of influence. But it is not in a position to promote something like that new rail route. Plus Russia would like to ally more closely with China, but their respective economies would easily subordinate Russia in that relationship. Interesting times ahead.

It could be all coincidence, but it’s also Russia. Two higher-ups  in Russian intelligence have just died, and others are on their way up. It’s possible that Putin is trying to make sure the people around him are loyal, or it could be nothing.

100 million fewer people speak Russian than did 25 years ago. This is because younger people in countries no longer part of the Soviet Union have other options. Most prefer to learn English as a second language.

Every last bit of the chemical agents and precursors taken out of Syria has now been destroyed.

Get over it – Iran will have missiles. And it won’t hurt the nuclear agreement.

Poland is moving toward the right.

The last Magnox reactor shuts down. Except for the one in North Korea. Top image of Wylfa-1, the one that is shutting down.

How Star Wars (the Strategic Defense Initiative, not the movie) ruined a dream of disarmament. What needs to be added to this article is the influence of Reagan advisors, like Richard Perle, who felt that what Reagan and Gorbachev achieved was too much disarmament, let along what might have happened.

What went wrong at Porter Ranch to produce the massive natural gas leak.

One comment

  1. The Blog Fodder · January 8, 2016

    Interesting about the two top Russians dying so close together. As you said, coincidence or Russia? Putin may be removing witnesses as one of Paul Goble’s articles said. If he simply wanted more loyal people around him, he could have simply replaced them. Or is this more FSB vs GRU? Mad Magazine Spy vs Spy stuff.


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