Links – January 16, 2016

Today will probably be Implementation Day in the Iran nuclear agreement. Jim White has pulled the relevant sections from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Agreement. There will be many news stories. The short version is that Iran has, much more quickly than I expected, disassembled its easy pathways to a bomb and opened up for intensive IAEA inspections in return for lifting of a great many sanctions. This will depress the price of oil, as Iranian oil comes on the markets.

Update (10:30 am, MST): Iran has released 4 American prisoners, in exchange for the release of 7 Iranian prisoners in the US. Below the fold: Relevant documents and news reports on Implementation Day, which came in just under the wire, Vienna time.

IAEA Director General’s Statement attesting to Iran’s compliance. Centrifuges removed and stored, enriched uranium out of the country, Arak reactor disabled. See Jim White’s compilation above for more.

Joint statement by EU High Representative Federica Mogherini and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

Guidance on lifting US sanctions. It’s important to note that most US sanctions on Iran will continue. Only the ones directly associated with the nuclear program will be lifted.

Some reporters learned, several months ago, that a prisoner swap was being negotiated. But they kept quiet about it. As another reporter said on Twitter, sometimes good reporting is what you don’t report. More here. When the sanctions for Iran’s ballistic missile test were delayed, I suspected something to do with the negotiations, but I didn’t know what. It was the prisoner swap.


What we know so far about the two Navy boats that blundered into Iranian waters. And some questions on how it might have happened. Top photo from the second link.

North Korea thumbs its nose at China.

Russia and Syria signed an agreement on Russia’s intervention. Here it is.

How Ukraine weaned itself off Russian gas. 

WIPP was never designed for large quantities of plutonium, only plutonium-contaminated stuff like labcoats, tools, etc. So if it’s going to be used for plutonium sludges and eventually those 34 metric tons we agreed with Russia to dispose of, new evaluations need to be done.

How the Army shipped live anthrax has been figured out, and it’s not complimentary to the Army.

The past is a different country. We need to think about that; insisting on applying today’s standards will lead us to miss important things.

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  1. The Blog Fodder · January 16, 2016

    I agree totally we MUST recognize great men of the past, indeed great nations of the past. We must NOT neglect to recognize that they were not perfect. The backlash today is because of the whitewash of yesterday. Zinn’s People’s History is as important as the highschool text in learning about history.


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