Links – January 18, 2016

Photo: Jason Rezaian, Washington Post reporter, and his family after his release from Iran. His story here.

The IAEA report on Iran’s compliance with the JCPOA.

A wide-ranging, somewhat euphoric response to Implementation Day.

A tactic that Iran seems to have used several times in the negotiations over prisoners and, if I recall correctly, the nuclear negotiations, is to get close to an understanding and then say, nope, we’re going to insist on our original position. Then they backtrack when faced with a nope on the other side. From the information available, it’s not clear whether this happens because too many people have a say in the negotiations or because Iran thinks it’s a useful tactic. It seems not to have gotten them much and nearly wrecked the negotiations a number of times. If it’s a tactic, after it’s been used a few times, the other side can recognize it and respond accordingly. One of those continuing mysteries. More here.

What comes next? Suzanne Maloney and Philip Gordon and Richard Nephew. This is really important. This deal is not self-enforcing, and contact must continue with Iran.

The IAEA’s technology to monitor enrichment centrifuges and cascades.

Some details about Iran’s detention of those two Navy boats are emerging.


Russian brain drain continues.

Very different narratives for Russia and the West.


Added later: Sig Hecker argues what the downside of a nuclear weapons program would have been for Iran.

What is to come, according to the critics.


One comment

  1. The Blog Fodder · January 19, 2016

    Certainly agree with the conclusions of Judy Dempsey’s article. Rusiia talks ‘security’ but what it means is empire


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