Links – January 21, 2016

Estonia and Finland are planning a 60-mile tunnel beneath the Gulf of Finland to connect Helsinki and Tallinn. The ferry trip can be pretty rough. Photo: Helsinki harbor. 

Long read: The murder of Alexander Litvenenko.

Unusual American conditions on the pardons of Iranian and Iranian-American citizens involved in the prisoner swap. And they’ve decided to stay in America.

For every two steps forward, Iran takes one step back to appease its hardliners. That’s an important ratio. Here’s an accounting.

Is Kim Jong Un erratic? 38 North is a good source of information on North Korea generally.

Poland is taking a dangerous turn to the right.

How the IAEA takes swipe samples.

NuScale announces that their reactor design has been approved for use with MOX fuel. That could allow the United Kingdom to dispose of the plutonium it’s accumulated from reprocessing its reactor fuel. And maybe that 34 metric tons of plutonium the United States has agreed with Russia to dispose of?

Basic science can’t survive without government funding. Good to see Nathan Myrvold saying this, a sad commentary on our society that it has to be said at all.


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  1. The Blog Fodder · January 24, 2016

    The Litvinenko article is a good one. The list is only going to grow longer now that Kadyrov is on the loose.


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