North Korea Tested – Something

I will write something more substantive later; today was going to be busy anyway.

North Korea announced last night our time, this morning theirs, that they had tested “a miniaturized hydrogen bomb.” That is highly unlikely. Early estimates of the yield, from the earthquake magnitude, range from 10 to 30 kilotons. That is much too small for a thermonuclear device of the kind that nuclear weapons nations have in their arsenals. Read More

Links – January 5, 2016

China wants to build a new rail route to Europe. That would help to open commerce for the Central Asian nations along the way. Those nations were part of the Soviet Union, and Russia sees them as its sphere of influence. But it is not in a position to promote something like that new rail route. Plus Russia would like to ally more closely with China, but their respective economies would easily subordinate Russia in that relationship. Interesting times ahead. Read More

Links I Don’t Post

Since it’s the New Year, it’s only fair that I explain the kinds of thing I post and don’t post. I try to post links to articles that give a broad or somewhat different take on current events. But I follow a variety of accounts on Twitter and a number of feeds on feedly, which is where I get most of my links from.¬† Read More