Leap Day Links

We haven’t heard much from Vladimir Putin lately, so it’s time to do some Russia links.

Russian public opinion is becoming less approving of Putin and his wars abroad. Partly this is due to financial pressures at home, which are becoming worse as the price of oil remains low and sanctions remain in place. Corruption is also a problem. There have been some strikes protesting lower wages. (Photo: Police officers detaining a protester near the Central Bank headquarters, Moscow, February 8, 2016)

Russia wants to use advanced digital cameras in their overflights of the US allowed by the Open Skies Treaty. If those cameras are approved for Russia, the United States will be able to use similar cameras in flights over Russia. But there are other issues, including Russia’s current international adventurism.

The future of arms control between the United States and Russia. Ninety per cent or more of this could have been written before Russia annexed Crimea. The two countries continue to cooperate in this important area, but it has long been clear that we are coming to a time when further advances will be difficult.

Nice graphic of US and Russian military bases outside the home countries.

And a warning to the US that Russian speakers in Alaska may soon be looking for a closer relationship with Russia.

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