Links – March 3, 2016

Nuclear weapons didn’t disappear with the end of the Cold War, and, with Russia’s new aggressiveness, Elbridge Colby looks at the balance. As he points out, there are many reasons that Russia and the US should be talking again about that balance and how to make the world safer from nuclear war. Photo of Russian missiles on parade in 2015 from BBC.


Long read on corruption in Ukraine and Russia.

Prospects for US-Russian Nonproliferation Cooperation. Longish read in extended-outline form. Covers all the major points.

The current state of Russia’s economy.

Good analysis of Iran’s elections (longish).

It’s unfair to blame authors for headlines, so I’ll blame an editor at Foreign Affairs: Hardly any of what this headline promises appears in the article, which is mostly speculation.

ISIS’ Chemical Weapons:¬†Where They Came From, How They are Used, and What Will Come Next

For fun now, but real once upon a time: America’s secret plan to invade Canada!



One comment

  1. The Blog Fodder · March 6, 2016

    The article on corruption in Russia and Ukraine raises a good question – can corruption be defeated by democratic means? You are seeing that played out in the USA during this presidential election. After a while people understand that in fact playing by the rules of democracy may be pointless. Only the extremes gather support because only the extremes have enough commitment to maintain momentum. I actually met a young woman who had trained with the Azov Battalion and is quite prepared to do what is necessary to stamp out corruption in Ukraine. People are fed up and I have a great deal of sympathy for them. Attempts at cleaning up corruption in Ukraine are a joke. They are window dressing for the IMF at best. The election in Krivii Rih in a couple of weeks will show you how it is done. The incumbent will win again. But you will see violence in the streets when that happens.
    The problem, of course, is once you start with vigilantism, where do you stop? It never ends well. Ask Robespierre.


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