Links -March 9, 2016

Video of Kim Jung Un inspecting what is said to be North Korea’s compact nuclear warhead. I’m not convinced. The discussion is in progress. See the group at Arms Control Wonk for more. (Nothing there as I write, but there will be something!) Top photo from here.¬†

A couple of articles that continue my theme that President Obama’s strategy was to co-opt the Republicans, and their resistance is breaking their party apart. This one emphasizes what the Republicans are doing to themselves. This one looks at Obama’s actions.

Uproar in progress about Russia’s request to use additional imaging devices on Open Skies Treaty flights over the US. The US should equip its Open Skies flights similarly. In any case, both sides can see a lot from satellites. Background and a similar argument from Michael Krepon. Also¬†Leore Ben-Chorin and Steven Pifer.

Israeli intelligence officials think the Iran nuclear deal is pretty good.

On the other hand, there are some who will continue to feel that it is not a good deal and will seize on any excuse to complain. Former IAEA inspector Olli Heinonen is one of them. He is unhappy that the IAEA reports on Iran contain less information than they did earlier. This is a result of removing some of the additional requirements that were put on Iran, so that now the IAEA’s reports contain less information that Iran considers confidential. Richard Nephew, who participated in the negotiations, explains why this is not a problem. I sympathize with Heinonen in some ways; I’d like to be able to evaluate the situation in full detail myself, but it’s fair enough that the IAEA keeps some information confidential. That makes countries more willing to open up to IAEA inspectors. Update: More from Barbara Slavin.

Iran had a small technical violation of the deal by having slightly too much heavy water on hand, which it has now exported to the United States.

It’s not just the US: Russia’s construction of two reactors at Kudankulam, India, will probably take longer and cost more than projected.

Cameco expands its McArthur River mine in northern Saskatchewan in anticipation of nuclear power expansion.

A good analysis, without polemics, of reactions to killing by drones.

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  1. The Blog Fodder · March 11, 2016

    What the hell is with Obama handing Ukraine off to the Russians? “Ukraine is a client state of Russia”. WTF?


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