Links – March 22, 2016

More analysis of Russia’s drawdown in Syria from Paul Pillar, Dmitry Gorenberg and Michael Kofman, Samuel Greene, and Pavel Baev. Also Mark Galeotti on Russian Spetznaz (special forces) in Syria. Samuel Greene’s piece is particularly worth reading in terms of strategy. World leaders seldom act out of petty spite or revenge. 

The nuclear deal, through Iranians’ eyes. Lovely photo essay. Top photo from here.

Russian archive chief out after debunking Soviet WWII legend.

Baltic elves take on Russian trolls.

Declassified: The Carter administration’s efforts to keep Taiwan from moving toward nuclear weapons. The documents are here.

Amid a graying fleet of US nuclear plants, a search for solutions.


One comment

  1. Allen Hingston · March 30, 2016

    Greene’s article was good. Thanks. Firing the archive chief for debunking Russian mythology is funny if it weren’t sad. I hear that they are now burning KGB archives so they can never be released?


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