Links – April 12, 2016

Russia’s economy depends on oil, and the oil price has plummeted over the past year. Then there are the sanctions that Europe and the United States have laid on Russia, and Russia’s countersanctions. Even the military is seeing cuts, although Vladimir Putin seems determined to forge ahead. Here are some graphs from the New York Times on the Russian economy. Sam Greene explains why those charts are not the last word. How Russians are coping. (Image from RTE News)

Is this blackmail, an attempt to split Europe, or just reasonable cooperation between two countries? Russia and Finland reach an agreement on refugees. The article leans toward the first two, but there is something to be said for the two countries working things out together. On the other hand, Russia seems to be accepting very few refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. Might be an obligation for a Christian/Moslem/nomad country: welcome the stranger!

A deep dive on producing tritium in North Korea. Tritium is necessary for the hydrogen bomb that Kim Jung Un claims to have, or a boosted device. Not clear where North Korea is getting it.

Brave lady. What she describes is very similar to my experience. But it looks like computer science is much worse.

Alt-history: What if Japan had pursued the bomb after World War II?

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  1. Allen Hingston · April 13, 2016

    I tend to agree with Sam Greene on the Russian economy. It is not going to collapse and it will not remove Putin from his throne. Investing in Russia is a huge risk, even for Russians, which is why Russian companies are ini no hurry to expand their industries. Cash in an offshore is far safer than even a highly profitable company where Putin can get his hands on it.
    Much as I hate to admit it, investing in Ukraine doesn’t look so good either. Real reform is hard come by.


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