Links – April 22, 2016

Today is Earth Day. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are higher than ever. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is bleaching because of warmer ocean temperatures. We really have to do something. And it’s hard to see how we can succeed without nuclear power as part of the replacement for coal. But not everyone agrees.

This is an interesting idea: have the nonnuclear nations agree to a treaty outlawing nuclear weapons as a first step toward a convention analogous to the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions. Would it work?

Another interesting idea: Not require consensus for a report out of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review meetings.

As part of the nuclear agreement with Iran, the United States will buy Iran’s stockpile of heavy water. 

The revival of the Russian military.

NATO and Russia are talking – a little. Here’s the best analysis I’ve seen of why Vladimir Putin does dumb stuff like the aerial antics of the past week. Also, possible ways forward, of which the NATO-Russia meeting is one.

What are Russia’s plans in Syria? Two views.

Russia’s pivot to Asia isn’t going so well.

Recolored photos from before the Russian Revolution of 1917.


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