Chernobyl After 30 Years

Today is the thirtieth anniversary of the reactor explosion at Chernobyl. Here are some of the best articles. The coverage, overall, is surprisingly good, not just the standard “Radiation – Be very afraid!”

Washington Post: How the Soviet Union stayed silent during the Chernobyl disaster. It took days for the outside world to become aware that something terrible had happened. Today, with open-source Twitter and the availability of overhead photos, it probably would be hours.

Guardian: Interviews with some of the people most affected.

BBC: Video, photos, interviews.

ANS Nuclear Cafe: A more technical look at the accident. Top photo is from here, taken the day after the accident.

International Atomic Energy Agency resource page.

Wilson Center: The KGB’s report on explosion and fire at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

Added Later

The Atlantic: Still cleaning up. A photo essay.

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission – with links to more.

CIA briefing video. The surmise about how the accident took place is incorrect; but this video was made for President Reagan early in the accident.

Alex Wellerstein: The battles of Chernobyl.

Physics Today: What can Chernobyl teach us? (from the comment below).