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Stephen Kotkin puts current Russian actions into the context of Russian history. Best article I’ve seen on the subject from an extremely knowledgeable historian. Top photo from here. Access may be subscription-limited, although if you register you may be able to access it.

Pavel Podvig: Can the US-Russia plutonium disposition agreement be saved? Another view on the situation I wrote about last week.

Michael Krepon makes a start at analyzing deterrence in today’s multipolar world.

How the Israelis Hoodwinked JFK on going nuclear.

The historical background to North Korea’s nuclear program.

Still trying to dispose of that U-233 at Oak Ridge.

The credibility trap. Is that business about redlines and credibility gendered? Only a small part of this article, but I think it sounds like a barroom brawl.

Added later:

Background on Kaliningrad, the Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania.

Japan doesn’t want America to apologize for Hiroshima. Apologies between nations are a complex issue, usually better left unsaid. Not at all the same kind of thing as apologies between individuals.

Whether or not Iran and the US admit it, their relationship is changing.

On the Siberian Ice Highway.



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  1. Allen Hingston · May 20, 2016

    Great article by Kotkin. Thanks.


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