Sunday Links

Top photo is of one of my favorite cities, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Suzanne Maloney: Is the Iran deal unraveling? Think again.

Barbara Slavin on what might be done to improve Iran’s access to markets.

Iran’s interests in Syria align more with Turkey’s than with Russia’s.

A surprisingly political song won the Eurovision contest this year.

Interview with Nada Bakos on the rise of ISIS. Bakos is a former CIA analyst, and the interview gives valuable insights into how CIA works with decision-makers.

Interview with former Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul.

Alex Wellerstein: The Demon Core. Shortly after the end of World War II, physicist Louis Slotin made a very bad mistake.

Long reads

Russia’s ‘new’ tools for confronting the West. There is more continuity with Soviet methods of propaganda and war than the news portrays.

Turkey’s Syria predicament. One part of that very complex war.

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