Links – June 8, 2016

The financial consequences of lifting sanctions on Iran are turning out to be less than Iran wanted. The problems lie in Iran’s corruption and broken banking system. If Iran can recognize its own problems, this will bring Iran more into compliance with world standards. This is what proponents of the nuclear deal meant when we said that the deal would help to bring Iran back to being a normal country. Nobody said it would happen quickly.

The BBC has a long read about the negotiations between Iran and the United States as Ayatollah Khomenei was coming into power. One of those involved in the negotiations says there’s not much new there.

Is the nuclear deal with Iran likely to lead to proliferation in the region? Robert Einhorn and Richard Nephew say no.

The enriched uranium from Japan’s Fast Critical Assembly reactor has arrived at the Y-12 plant in Oak Ridge and will probably be blended down for reactor fuel. More about the reactor here. This is part of the worldwide effort to minimize the use of highly enriched uranium. It’s kind of a big deal. Critical assemblies are very specialized reactors whose purpose is to measure physics parameters that can be used in designing reactors or bombs. A fast critical assembly would be particularly helpful for designing bombs. This is the first critical assembly to be taken out of service worldwide.

Looks like the North Koreans are whipping up another batch of plutonium. And now a US official has confirmed that.

Darth Putin speaks out against the Twitter Gulag!

Russia’s Potemkin Arctic strategy.


Photo credit: Matthias Blume. Navvab Street, Tehran, Iran.

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