Links – June 13, 2016

A combination of low gas prices and non-rising energy usage are shutting down older power reactors in the United States. Replacing nuclear with natural gas raises greenhouse emissions. Commentary from Dan Yurman and Will Davis. Photo of Clinton Power Station, one of those to be closed, from here.

The unraveling of Moscow’s “Novorossiya” Dream. Long interview with a businessman who claims to have been involved with the plan. As with any story from a single individual, it’s wise to be skeptical, but this is an interesting and plausible story.

The Lepse, a ship designed to service nuclear ships and submarines, ran into its own set of troubles. It is now in dry dock, being decommissioned.

Articles on ruined Soviet military and other installations are popular lately. Here’s an article from 2014 on how they mislead.

The BBC has been featuring history of the Iranian Revolution in 1979 that shows that the Ayatollah Khomenei was in closer contact with the United States than is consistent with popular Iranian versions of that history. It’s causing a bit of a stir in Iran.

How the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran might provide lessons for nuclear agreements with other countries.