Links – June 20, 2016

Vladimir Putin gave a long speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum last week. Here’s a summary (photo from here). Some of what he said sounded like he would like to be friendlier with Europe and the United States, but he has said that sort of thing before. One of the problems developing for Putin is that he has said so many things and contradicted them with his actions that it is hard for people to believe what he says. Full transcript of the speech.

It appears that football attacks by Russian fans are not Kremlin-directed, but they’re also okay with the Kremlin.

Long read: Do Russians want war?

The Saudi – Iran rivalry drives much of the concern about either nation getting nuclear weapons. Here’s how that rivalry might be decreased.

Both India and Pakistan would like to join the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group. There are many problems with membership for either, starting with the fact that both nations have not ratified the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Mark Hibbs summarizes some of the concerns. And a Pakistani view.

Why North Korea is a safe haven for birds.