Holiday Weekend Links

India was denied membership in the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group, but made it into a similar group on missile technology. Here’s one Indian reaction with suggestions that, if taken up, are likely to be counterproductive. Increasing plutonium production is hardly a sign of serious commitment to nonproliferation.

Long read: An overview of India’s nuclear arsenal and readiness. The top image is an Agni-II ballistic missile (source).

Russian Middle East Policy After Syria: An Interview with Nikolay Kozhanov.

Countries are becoming wary of buying Russian civilian nuclear reactors because of Russia’s propensity to use energy supplies as political levers. Sort of a followon to what we said more than a year ago.

Mark Hibbs: Vigorous Verification in Iran. Progress report on IAEA activities in Iran.

Followup: A lot of things went wrong with the crews of those boats that were captured by the Iranian Navy and planning by higher-ups. 

More followup: Why President Barack Obama’s decision to go for disarming Syria’s chemical arsenal rather than bombing was reasonable.

A number of nuclear reactors in the United States are being shut down because the price of gas is so cheap. Electricity generation that produces no carbon dioxide is being replaced by fossil fuel. One estimate I saw was that replacing the reactors that are being shut down will wipe out recent reductions in carbon dioxide emissions for the United States. Here’s one point of view. 

Added later:

I worked in the CIA under Bush. Obama is right to not say “radical Islam.”
Avoiding the phrase isn’t “politically correct.” It’s strategic.

The commander, chief of staff, and other high officials in the Russian Navy’s Baltic Fleet were fired this week for cause. They were accused of unsatisfactory performance of their duties and corruption. A total of fifty officials were removed. This is a big deal and probably a warning to other Russian military commanders.


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