Links – July 5, 2016

What about nuclear energy in UK after Brexit? This is as good a guess as anyone’s, better than most. But the general political disarray in the UK means that any analysis contains a large dose of speculation.

Best article I’ve seen about Putin-Trump connections and coincidences. No explicit collaboration, but much overlap in interests.

Russia has elections coming up too.

Backgrounder on Kaliningrad, that Russian enclave on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Poland.

Backgrounder on Latvia, just north of Lithuania and apparently in Russia’s sights. Longish read.

New York Times editorial on progress in the Iran deal. Nice summary of status (“score sheet”) linked in second paragraph.

NATO-Russia deterrence. I find some of this article fuzzy, but the recommendations are good. Photo of US B-61 nuclear bombs from here.

Long read on nuclear deterrence between India and Pakistan.