LInks – July 18, 2016

The last couple of weeks have been difficult. I’ve written some things but felt they weren’t appropriate for right now. I’ll publish them as I think the time is right. For now, here are some other people’s writing.

Something about the attempted coup in Turkey. More. Doubtless there will be  yet more. It appears that some fighting is still going on and that President Erdoğan is using the coup to purge many he doesn’t like. Everything else is foggy.

Syria may have retained some of its chemical agents. Most serious observers predicted this. Assad hasn’t used anything beyond chlorine, which is in a different category because it is necessary for water purification. So my guess is that what he has retained is not a large amount.

In today’s dirty bomb news, the Government Accountability Office, which checks up on other parts of the government, managed to get and alter a license for radioactive materials that might have been used for a dirty bomb. But, and this but doesn’t figure in the heavy-breathing stories, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission figured out the problem and stepped in before the GAO could procure the material. Here’s more from the NRC.

Paul Pillar on opposition to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Pillar is one of the best analysts around.

As North Korea pursues the bomb, its military wanes.

Long Read: China is suppressing the Uighurs in western China. Most are Moslem. Top photo from here.

Very Long Read: About Satoshi Nakamoto. Or Craig Wright. Or somebody.

I keep wondering if I should post articles on Donald Trump. I think I will not unless they pertain to foreign or nuclear policy in some coherent way. As far as I can tell, he is making it up as he goes.