Links – July 26, 2016

While the campaigns for the US presidency continue, other things are happening.

Is nuclear weapons proliferation at an end?

Some history of nuclear weapons in Turkey, and why their presence is now destabilizing. More history.

The future of the NATO-Russia Council.

What does NATO do, anyway?

Russia is only a threat if we let it be one.

Republican and Democratic platforms on Iran.

There’s been a fair bit of discussion lately about changes President Barack Obama might make in US nuclear posture. One would be a declaration that the US will never use nuclear weapons first. Michael Krepon thinks that Donald Trump’s recent statements about NATO make that much less likely.

A couple of fairly detailed articles (article, article) on the plan the United States and Russia are negotiating for action in Syria. I’d really like to write more on this, but probably won’t for a while. Short version: we have to negotiate with Russia because Russia is in Syria, but Russia’s broken promises there are a big problem.


Image is mine, looking north on Lake Baikal from a point on the eastern shore that I’m not quite sure of. I thought we could use something pleasant.


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