Links – August 4, 2016

The anniversaries of Hiroshima (August 6) and Nagasaki (August 9) are coming up. Peace organizations are planning observances. But we’re not hearing much about them, because Donald Trump and the possibility of his little hands on the nuclear button are getting all the attention. And maybe that’s the most meaningful observance this year.

How Russian hacking works. How Saudi Twitter bots work. They all work about the same, although they emphasize different techniques. After you’ve been on Twitter a while, you can spot the bots.

Three reasons Russia’s Vladimir Putin might want to interfere in the US presidential elections.

From someone with closer experience with Donals than mine, a similar view to what I wrote last week. An addition of detail about how the Republican platform on Ukraine was changed. I am seeing the facts I collected last week about Trump and Russia recycled in various forms, but this is the only new thing I’ve seen. We need Trump’s tax returns.

Long read from David Remnick on Trump and Putin. Middle section is a good recap of Russian events in the 1990s.

Trump and Hillary Clinton can start getting White House intelligence briefings next week, if they request them. These briefings are less detailed than the ones the Presdent gets.

Long read on what it takes for the President to launch nukes. Not as much as you might think. I do wish Bruce Blair could write shorter pieces. He knows a lot and is worth reading. The reaction of another person who has literally held the launch key.

Proportional comparisons of Turkey’s purge to what it would look like in the United States.

This story should read: Government group tasked with making sure another government group has it right. First group finds a loophole in the second’s rules by paperwork only. Second group now fixing loophole. But it’s YOUR DAILY DIRTY BOMB! BE AFRAID. Clickbait headline is totally dishonest.

Historic walrus database goes online. (Top photo from here. Caption: Walruses are harder to study then many other mammals because of their size and herding behaviour.)