Links – August 11, 2016

Two more fragments of information about Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. One identifies another Trump advisor with business ties, and the other says, without showing clearly, that Trump’s strategy toward Ukraine changed after Paul Manafort came on board his campaign. Thin stuff.

Turkey’s outreach to Russia. It’s complicated.

Russia is up to something around Ukraine, but it’s hard to say what. Something I’d like to know and haven’t seen is the number of troops being massed around the border and how that compares to what is needed for an invasion. This article summarizes Putin’s probable motivators, but as usual, we don’t know the man’s mind.

President Barack Obama would like to take more action to decrease the influence of nuclear weapons on world affairs. But Trump is suggesting that proliferation is a good idea, as are others, and Vladimir Putin is rattling his own nukes. It might be that Obama will take no action until after Hillary Clinton wins the election.

One of the civilian power reactors that was to be shut down because of the low prices of natural gas will be bought by another company. Not a done deal, but some indication that companies may be looking beyond the next quarter. Top photo from here of FitzPatrick nuclear power plant in upper New York State.

Still a mystery as to what kind of information was being transferred in this case involving the Tennessee Valley Authority.

More books about the British spies for the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Long read.

Bonus: Humpback whales around the globe are mysteriously rescuing animals from orcas.