Links – August 31, 2016

Denmark has picked up 500 tons of Libyan chemical warfare materials, apparently mostly precursors, and is transporting them to Germany for destruction. (Top photo from here)

The decay of the Syrian Regime is worse than you think. The war is taking its toll on Bashar al-Assad’s government. The groups fighting for it are a collection of warlords. There may not be a coherent government that could take charge if the fighting stopped.

More on those Russian warplanes operating out of Iran and why they might be back.

Geolocation of photos of Russian equipment in Crimea supports what I’ve suspected – whatever is being planned is much less than a wholesale invasion.

Background on Islam Karimov, the dictator of Uzbekistan who suffered a brain hemhorrage and may be dead.

A historical note: What would Russia have looked like if Muscovy had not defeated the Novgorod Republic in 1478? Someone needs to write an alternative history.

The nuclear weapons debate we need. This is a nice summary of what a presidential campaign could bring us. But does anyone think that Donald Trump has anything to bring to the discussion? Have you been wondering about that $1 trillion figure for modernizing the US’s nuclear weapons? Here is the explanation.

A detailed work plan for advanced reactor development.

A long read I haven’t read yet: Third-country nuclear forces and possible measures for multilateral arms control

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