Links – September 17, 2016

Worth seeing: The first photographs of Palmyra, from the 1860s. Top photo from here.

Even apparent negotiating failures can bring a civil war closer to peace. 

What I look for first in a news article is the facts the article is based on. In this article, that seems to be that OPCW inspectors found evidence of sarin and VX in one of Syria’s no-longer-secret chemical weapons installations. That seems to be in conflict with Syria’s declarations to the OPCW, although the article is less clear about that. The rest of the article hashes together history, speculation, and innuendo. There seems to be no evidence that large amounts of nerve agents are hidden or were held back; the amounts in question seem to be traces, although the article is not specific. I really hate the amount of work that is necessary to find that an article contains very few facts and spins off from there.

A lawsuit could lead to the end of Israel’s nuclear ambiguity.

US chemical weapons to be destroyed in Pueblo, Colorado.

Good thinking-out of nuclear stockpile needs. Some of the ideas here might be used in further arms-reduction negotiations with Russia.

Executive Summary of Review of the Unauthorized Disclosures of Former National
Security Agency Contractor Edward Snowden. Report from a House of Representatives committee.

Joint statement from the nuclear weapons states at their conference in Washington, DC.

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