Links – September 23, 2016

Comparison of open-source photos of Iranian and North Korean missiles suggests that the two are not collaborating on missile designs. Top graphic from here. 

A good explanation of the IAEA “broader conclusion” and how it might be applied to Iran’s nuclear program. The broader conclusion is an extensive IAEA study of a state’s nuclear safeguards and security programs to assure that its nuclear activities are peaceful.

Storify of C.J. Chivers’s tweets about the single shell possibly containing mustard agent lobbed at US troops by ISIS this week. More from Vox.

Election fraud in Russia. On Twitter last weekend, many videos showed stuffing of ballot boxes.

A little more on Carter Page, the Trump advisor who seems to have the most direct and potentially dangerous ties to Russia.

A way to check on nuclear warheads without learning specifics of the warhead. Nature article and a simplified explanation.

Geo4Nonpro, the crowdsourced website for identifying features of nuclear-related sites from satellite photography, was hacked but is back in business.

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