Links – October 14, 2016

This election campaign is utterly exhausting. It’s the drama that always accompanies a toxic personality. We try to keep Nuclear Diner relatively nonpolitical, but Donald Trump would do untold damage to the country – has done some damage already. Former ICBM launch officers say that Trump is not a person who can be trusted with the nuclear codes.

And here’s Michelle Obama’s response on how women should be treated. Short version: like respected people. But the video is very worth watching to see the emotion that many of us have been feeling.

Trump’s former advisor, Carter Page, pens an op-ed for Russian state media Sputnik. Thoroughly incoherent.

Added later: The American alt-right and the Kremlin. Casey Michel is one of the few reporters following these connections.

I’m not following every twist and turn of the Russia-Wikileaks story. I don’t see it as that important, would prefer to see more effort on why Trump seems to follow the Kremlin line. So here’s a summary.

A continuing argument on US policy in Syria and toward Russia in a number of places is that the United States must “act strong” to deter worse consequences. There are a number of problems with that argument. Most basically, how do other countries consider that sort of reputation in their own actions? Here the argument proceeds through three articles marshalling the political science evidence: That kind of reputation doesn’t matter; yes it does; we need to be careful in defining what we are talking about. I tend toward the idea that calculation of a particular national action tries to take account of many things, including probable responses from other nations. But probable responses are far down the priority list, because they are so uncertain. So it’s the first and third of those links I agree most strongly with.

Part of what is going on with Russia right now is that they are arguing about budget priorities, which brings out the most hawkish tendencies of the military. One commentator says that the defense share of the budget is declining.

What does Russia want? Darned if I know. Alexander Baunov, Pavel Baev, Maxim Trudolyubov think it out. Russian-Indian relations and the US.

Potemkin airplanes! Top photo from here.

Michael Kofman offers a detailed analysis of the United States and Russia in Syria that I think is good. A long backgrounder in Spiegel.

List of current Russian civilian nuclear projects outside Russia.

Can’t say this often enough: The United States must negotiate with North Korea.

It’s time to release the real history of the 1953 Iran coup.

And if you’ve gotten this far, a non-Russia, non-Trump article: why technology needs to drop the Great White Male Inventor myth.


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  1. The Blog Fodder · October 15, 2016

    The technology article is great. Further reinforces that I did NOT build that.
    The role of the CIA in the Iranian coup (and their role in too many others to mention) gives a great deal of credence to Russia’s claim that the CIA were responsible for the colour revolutions and are actively engaged in attempts to over throw the Russian government. I doubt they were ‘responsible’ for the colour revolutions but am certain they were involved at several levels, in particular civil society training. And if they are not ‘actively’ trying to overthrow Putin, they ought to be.


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