Links – October 17, 2016

Pakistan and India are glaring and occasionally shooting at each other again. Since both have nuclear weapons and no warning time at all to decide what it is the other has in that missile, this is a particularly dangerous situation. Here’s a good idea: Russia and China, which have good relations with the two, should press for a peaceful accommodation and better ways for India and Pakistan to relate to each other. Vladimir Putin seems to want to be seen as a peacemaker. He’s blown that in Syria. India and Pakistan present a real opportunity.

The European sanctions on Russia aren’t going to end any time soon.

Are the Russians really preparing for war? Spoiler: no.

North Korea just had an unsuccessful missile test, so it covers with threats. This is pretty standard.

I find it bizarre to see the words Donald Trump and policy in the same sentence, but I admire the people who are willing to put time in trying to figure something like that out. Both candidates’ stands and Europe. Trump on Syria.

How to build an exit ramp for Trump supporters. This is good advice for exit ramps for anyone, including Vladimir Putin. Here’s another suggestion to help move toward reuniting the country.

Interview with John Kerry. A little out of date, but at the rate things keep moving, not too bad. I thought it notable that he says he has submitted a plan for eastern Ukraine to Moscow.

What if Hitler had developed nuclear weapons during World War II?

The Battle of Hastings just had its 950th anniversary. France became the ruling power in England in 1066. A reenactment of the battle took place last week. Top photo of the reenactment.