Links – October 20, 2016

Benjamin Wittes: “But this election is a different kettle of fish, one that pits a normal candidate—that is, a woman with flaws, virtues and policy ideas—against a man who menaces American democracy.” This is the sense I’ve had every time someone wants to talk about policy in the election. I love a good policy discussion as much as anyone, but that’s not the point in this election.

Ezra Klein sees an important difference in how a woman can use strategy. I’ll write more on this someday. Photo from here.

When Silicon-Valley-type disruption enters the real world, real people are hurt. One of the amazing things to me about Theranos is that each of the blood tests mentioned in this article requires different procedures, different reagents, different equipment. Decreasing the amount of blood needed for any of them would be a major research project. Perhaps Elizabeth Holmes didn’t realize that, but her investors should have done the due diligence to understand it.

Why the U.S. Military Still Flies Cold-War Era Planes.

Alexei Arbatov on Russia’s suspension of the plutonium disposition agreement. Arbatov is always worth reading.

More about the Russian hack. An article like this illustrates why analytical thought, as opposed to Donald Trump’s emotions, is an essential quality for the president.

Russia is supplying military equipment and may supply uranium enrichment technology to India. As always, any Russian financial deals in the future are uncertain.

Russia’s information operations against Finland.

Pakistan’s nuclear choice.


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