Links – November 7, 2016

A relaxing photo of fall color in Kazakhstan.

A few election-related links first. After the election, we need to make some changes. One is that the Republican Party must rejoin the nation in looking for solutions and bettering citizens’ situations. These declarations may be to mobilize the hard core of nihilistic supporters, but carrying them out will be disastrous for the nation. Donald Trump is taking Karl Rove’s dictum about creating one’s own reality to the extreme. Another thing that Republicans must give up. And the feminist revolution must include men.

Russia has been trying to hack the election in multiple ways. It appears that the election system itself, the voting and counting, is robust to direct hacking, but the psychological less so. This discussion is particularly wide-ranging and includes some aspects of Russia’s difficulties that aren’t paid much attention to. I may write a fuller analysis or do a Twitter essay after the election, when people are more likely to pay attention to it. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin seems to be trying to build a “new Soviet man,” discussed in this podcast.

Relations between the United States and Russia are bad in many ways, but Track II diplomacy is alive and well.

A nuclear-weapons-free zone in the Middle East?

Alternative history: What if Nixon had never gone to China?

Admiral Gene LaRocque: “The enemy is nuclear war.”

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