Another Universe

It was looking like a victory for Hillary Clinton, but we’ve suddenly switched to another universe. It will take some time to sort out why the polling was so wrong and what effect James Comey’s unethical interference may have had, but we are now stuck with a very unattractive President-elect.

My physical reaction has been far beyond anything I’ve experienced, including my reaction to John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the Challenger disaster, and 9/11. My mind is still not clear.

So I’ll keep the commentary limited. I am horrified that some large percentage of my fellow Americans want a person who is openly bigoted against everyone but white men, has no understanding of international affairs, and lacks the subtlety necessary for adult behavior, let alone diplomacy.

Reports are coming across Twitter that Trump now intends to keep most of Obamacare in place, although I suppose that could change tomorrow, after Paul Ryan gets to him. His expressions in the photos of him with President Obama look like a man who is horrified at his future. His transition team is unprepared to move forward, and the leadership keeps changing. Perhaps we should not be surprised at this from the man who made “You’re fired” a catchphrase.

Donald Trump is unfit for the office of President. We are stuck with watching how his inadequacies play out over the next four years.

That said, here are some links that speculate on various aspects of those four years. We know very little about his ability to forumlate policy or what his policies might be. The media found another shiny object, Democrats’ emails, and forgot about that part of the campaign.

For reference: What Trump wants to do in his first 100 days. Probably not written by him, though, and hard to tell if he’ll stick to it.

Jessica Tuchman Matthews’s analysis is pretty typical. So is Max Boot’s. From the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage. Thirteen (actually many more) foreign and defense policy questions for Trump.

Trump and nuclear weapons. Julian Borger on that subject. Michael Krepon on nuclear deterrence, a good explainer piece, and on arms control.

Give ‘em hell, Harry! Harry Reid, that is.

Hugh Gusterson speculates that it is Republicans who will take Trump out of office before his four-year term is up. So does Allan Lichtman.

Paul Krugman’s early thoughts.

Have you been reading all those articles about how the dreaded coastal elites don’t properly understand the “real America”? Here’s a different point of view.

Thoughts from a number of experts on how Trump’s relations with Russia might go.

I haven’t seen this report of Russian hacking anywhere else. Update: More from Krebs on Security.

What Vladimir Putin wants from American elections. And a lot more that you don’t usually see. I’d like to write more about this one, but I have a lot of ideas in my head right now.

Mark Galeotti: Surviving the Trumpocalypse

Masha Gessen: Autocracy: Rules for survival. Gessen has lived in the Soviet Union. I disagree with a number of things in the first part of the article. The numbered points are good to keep in mind, but we have a way to go before they are immediate problems. I might write more on this one too.

Trump has said that he will tear up the Iran agreement on his first day in office. That’s going to be difficult. I’ll write more on that later.


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