Links – December 26, 2016

Why the State Department is worried about Donald Trump and his tweets.   Could Trump’s tweets spark a nuclear arms race? The President (or President-elect) of the United States can’t just say anything, it turns out.

Max Fisher quoted one of my tweets in his discussion of Trump’s nuclear tweet.

Jerusalem’s status is another situation where Trump’s real-estate negotiating techniques aren’t going to work.

Trump’s transition team has asked for the names of people working on climate change in the Department of Energy, women’s issues in the Department of State, and countering violent extremism in the Department of Homeland Security. So far those requests, looking very much like witch hunts, have been turned down. But once in office, Trump will have more leverage. 

The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) has federal and New Mexico state approval to open.

This is a good discussion of Stephen Cohen’s view of Russia-related issues.

Moscow may be trying to bring insurgents in eastern Ukraine more closely under its control.

The Soviet Union dissolved twenty-five years ago. Here is Mikhail Gorbachev’s farewell address as its leader.

Russians don’t like to think of Russia as a colonial power. Top painting: Bringing the Kyrgyz Kaisak Horde Under [Russian] Rule, by Nikolay Karazin, 1891.

Martha Nussbaum: We need to think about the anger that seems to be driving so many world events.

Two giants in the field of nuclear weapons died this year: Thomas Schelling and Sidney Drell.


  1. The Blog Fodder · December 26, 2016

    The article on anger is certainly timely. Not sure we can live up to it as human beings.


  2. The Blog Fodder · December 26, 2016

    The Russian Empire as non-colonial made me laugh bitterly


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