Links – January 17, 2017

Apologies for not posting my own writing for so long. I am working on posts, but so much news is coming out that it is hard to keep track. Here’s what others have been writing. Oh, and a movie recommendation: go see “Hidden Figures.” It is extremely accurate about what women of color faced in science in the early 1960s, much of which all women faced. I experienced a number of the situations depicted. And the clothes and other props are very well done. 

Dissenting within the Trump administration. Advice for those who remain in government service or join within the next four years. Top photo of Constitution Avenue in Washington, DC, from here.

Searchable database of Trump words.

What the US gets for defending its allies and interests abroad. NATO’s explanation of what it does. Robin Wright interviews General Douglas Lute, US Ambassador to NATO.

Posts I’m not going to write soon: This is an excellent exposition of issues around the US’s nuclear arsenal. Steven Pifer argues that we don’t need more nuclear weapons. I’ve wanted to comment on this, and maybe I’ll get to it, but probably not soon. Pifer’s article is in response to Donald Trump’s tweet and comment that we need a nuclear arms race. In an interview with the Times of London and Bild, Trump has now said that he would deal with Russia on nuclear reductions and the sanctions. His latest pronouncements indicate that he is eager to reduce nuclear weapons. The Kremlin has responded that they are not interested in talking about nuclear reductions. It’s not clear how Trump would have arranged that deal: The Russians get rid of all their tactical nuclear weapons and we remove the sanctions imposed for their invasion of Ukraine? We remove the sanctions AND reduce our nuclear weapons? Next week: arms race is on again.

I think I may have posted this before, from Timothy Snyder’s Facebook account. This is a better-looking version of twenty lessons from the twentieth century on defending our democracy.

How Trump Can Play Nice With Russia, Without Selling Out America, by a former US ambassador to Russia. What makes Putin tick, and what the West should do.

Long read: The Baltic States and NATO Obligations. From the Heritage Foundation, but good.

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