Links – January 25, 2017

Donald Trump likes and dislikes nuclear weapons, according to what he has said, as slippery as anything else he says. Here are excerpts from testimony to Congress by his Secretaries of State and Defense on the subject. Their views are fairly conventional. We don’t know how much they will influence him.

Why Trump’s bluffing won’t be effective on nuclear weapons issues. What the Trump administration needs to do to get up to speed on those issues.

Trump’s tweets raise specter of resumed nuclear tests in Nevada. Reminder of my article on why that’s not going to happen.

Transcript of Trump’s incoherent speech to the CIA.

I don’t know what Trump means by “taking the oil,” and neither does former Defense Secretary Robert Gates. But sounds like Trump is up for another Iraq war.

Foreign Policy magazine has a section called “Shadow Government,” which features writers from the party out of power. They have seventeen new contributors, and an introductory post lists things Trump might be thinking about rather than his numbers at his inauguration.

A lot has been said about the role of the white working class in the election. Here’s the best article I’ve read on that subject.

Scientists joined Saturday’s Women’s March. (Photo from here: Christy Till, a geologist at Arizona State University in Tempe, speaks to members of the 500 Women Scientists group at the Women’s March in DC.) More about the women scientists at the march.

Some people are trying to organize a Scientists’ March on Washington. More info here. No date yet.

Francis Fukuyama thinks that America is strong enough to withstand Trump. But we have to work to make that happen.

Have you seen “Hidden Figures”? Here’s an explanation of what those women computers did. And if you haven’t seen the movie, go!

A cool story about how a Dutch journalist dealt with a KGB spy in Geneva.

A Chinese Nuclear Site, Hidden in a Mountain, Is Reborn as a Tourist Draw.

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  1. The Blog Fodder · January 28, 2017

    That long read article on the white working class is very good. Its final prediction of long term domination by an increasingly conservative minority is not comforting. The densely populated highly productive urban counties are going to rebel somehow but how? We have the same problem in Canada with Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver all under provincial control yet representing the majority of those three provinces. Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg are in somewhat the same situation. They are increasingly being unloaded on by the provinces but have very limited ability to raise finances.


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