Links – January 31, 2017

Donald Trump’s government is taking up all the oxygen in the news. In a way, rightly so. But we have to keep ourselves sane and focus on the issues we can do something about. So I am continuing to look at the Russian connections. I’ll post when I have something ready. In the meanwhile, with an apology for too much Trump, here are some links.

One more fact: My yarn store had some more-or-less pink yarn that will go into some people’s pussyhats. It was all they had, and they said that the distributor didn’t know when they’d have more pink. Good job, ladies! đź‘Ť

Tom Malinowski, a former Assistant Secretary of State for democracy, human rights, and labor, says that we need to discuss government in a different way than we’ve been doing. We’re not talking about incremental differences in policies any more, but a much broader threat to democracy.

The Brookings Lawfare blog is focusing on Trump. Two good articles on the immigration ban:

The second is a document being prepared by people in the State Department. The Dissent Channel is a sort of whistleblower mechanism for employees who think something is badly wrong. Hundreds of foreign service officers are said to be ready to sign the final version, and people in the know say it probably was prepared by people in the consulate service. The head of the consulate service was one of the State Department managers forced out last week.

Where does your senator stand on the Muslim ban? Find out here.

Letter from 100 former cabinet Secretaries, senior government officials, diplomats, military service members and intelligence community professionals who have served in the Bush and Obama administrations objecting to the Muslim ban.

Daniel Nexon: The decline of refugee policy. Some excellent insights here.

Trump’s foreign policy “unpredictability” might just be cluelessness. But that leaves him open to manipulators like Steve Bannon, former editor of the false news rag Breitbart and now counselor to the president. More about Breitbart.

Trump publishes his national security directives in the Federal Register. Not usually done.

More about “taking the oil.”

Long interview with Senator Tom Cotton, the instigator of a letter to the Ayatollah Khamenei during the negotiations on the nuclear agreement that said not to trust the United States government. Cotton has been critical of Trump, but he is fully, if slimily, behind him. He avoids any clear answers, despite excellent interviewing by Jeffrey Goldberg.

The rest of the world keeps moving forward: Iran tested a ballistic missile on Sunday.

China’s happy to sit out the nuclear arms race.


Photo: January 21 Women’s March in Albuquerque, NM

One comment

  1. The Blog Fodder · February 1, 2017

    My guess is that the State Department dissenters will not get an answer, as the law requires but will get their walking papers.
    The more that normal people object to Trump’s actions, the happier he is and the happier the revengeful Trumpanzees


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