Links – February 12, 2017

The Women’s Marches on January 21 were the largest protests ever in the United States. Photo of the march in Fairbanks, Alaska.

I keep wondering why the Republican program is primarily to tear things down. Here’s the nuclear treaty version.

You’ve probably seen this, but it’s worth noting. The New START Treaty has been good for both the United States and Russia. It decreases the numbers of deployed warheads to 1550 for both sides, and it allows the US to inspect Russian installations and vice versa. When Donald Trump talked to Vladimir Putin, Putin said something about the treaty, Trump had to consult an aide to find out what it was and then blew up about how he could negotiate a better treaty. Because he believes he could. Here are quotes from other experts.

Julia Ioffe teases out the complexities of Sean Hannity’s exchange with Trump on Putin.

Good advice on resisting Trump from Timothy Snyder, who is always worth reading.

Profile of Nikki Haley, Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations.

Der Spiegel: Europe must defend itself against a dangerous president.

Actual data on domestic terrorism.

Another hero of the 1983 Able Archer fiasco.

A Crack in an Antarctic Ice Shelf Grew 17 Miles in the Last Two Months. Nice pictures, sad story.

The US now has a Russian-language TV channel.

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