Carter Page Again

Carter Page was in Moscow last July, about the time suspicions about Donald Trump’s Russian connnections began to bubble up. We’ve heard more than usual about and from him this past week.

For background, here are recaps from September and November. Page was dropped from the Trump campaign last summer,  when his and Paul Manafort’s Russian connections became an issue. But the two keep popping up in relation to the campaign, clearly friends of or fellow travelers.

Page’s current appearance in the news is via the Intercept, which acquired a bizarre letter Page wrote to the Justice Department claiming that the Clinton campaign was trying to silence him and perhaps damage voting rights in the process. Or something. You can read it yourself and decide.

This is not the first of Page’s writings that might be described as unhinged. You can find more here. He seems to be focused on civil rights analogies in, shall we say, unusual ways.

Judy Woodruff interviewed him last night. His answers were unresponsive word salad, in the way of many in the Trump administration. His strange ideas alone are cause for concern, but there are the connections to Russia as well.


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