Links – February 25, 2017

A view of Donald Trump from the editor of the Moscow Times.

Trump’s close advisor, Stephen Bannon, is the former editor of the far-right website Breitbart. Here’s a guide to what he said at CPAC in that website’s jargon. Subcommunities on the internet develop their own languages.

The State Department is being cut out of White House decision-making. More here.

Russia gonna flaunt its nuclear-powered navy in the Baltic Sea come summer.

A fake news story falls flat.

What can be done with open-source intelligence, which means publicly available photos like the one at the top and other information.

A summary of what is known about the murder of Kim Jong Nam. This is a little out of date as regards the details of the attack, but good on the North Korean political background. Explainer on VX, the nerve agent said to have been used in the attack.

Now would be a good time to engage in talks with North Korea on their nuclear program, but it’s not clear that Trump understands that or would know what to do. China’s part in the interactions. And the Trump administration has shut down a planned meeting.

Would URENCO’s sale pose a proliferation risk? URENCO is a company that enriches uranium. If the governments where its plants are located maintain security, the answer should be “no.”

This is actually an interesting article about using robots to probe the situation inside the Fukushima reactors. Ignore the scare headline.

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