Links – April 6, 2017

If Assad has been hiding chemical weapons, we need to know. By the chief inspector for the 2014 removal of chemical weapons from Syria. Unfortunately, Russia is protecting Assad and is unlikely to agree. And yes, it’s likely Assad has been hiding nerve agents. Photo from that link. What can forensics tell us about the attacks?

A summary of the argument made at #nukefest2017 by Vipin Narang that India may be reconsidering its no-first-use pledge. It’s a fairly complicated argument, but important both for what it means in the nuclear standoff between India and Pakistan and for nuclear war more generally. As I listened to Narang make the argument, I concluded that the logic of nuclear weapons always pushes toward a first strike. The reason for that is the immense destructiveness of nuclear weapons. Or better yet, not to play at all.

Want to know about North Korea’s latest missile test? Ask Melissa Hanham. What happens when North Korea tests a missile that could reach the US? Additional sanctions recently levied on North Korea.

Lock them Up: Zero-deployed Non-strategic Nuclear Weapons in Europe. Looks interesting, but I haven’t read it yet.

The EMP scaremongers are at it again. Why they are wrong.

Testimony by Thomas Rid and Eugene Rumer at the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Servers at the largest Estonian oil shale company were infected with Russian malware. Oil shale is a large part of the Estonian energy economy.

The secret of the Soviet hydrogen bomb.

What was Lenin thinking? This is part of the New York Times’s series on the Russian Revolution, a hundred years ago this year. Some implications for today’s events.

Yevgeny Yevtushenko was a poet in the Soviet Union. He resisted the regime but mostly stayed within its acceptable parameters. This is a difficult path, since one is likely to be condemned by both sides, and Yevtushenko was. The value of it is that one continues to be heard. It is worth thinking about this strategy of resistance, among others, in case things go very badly in the United States under President Donald Trump.