Links – May 7, 2017

China’s trade with North Korea in overhead photos. Photo from here: 30 days of activity as of April 26.

The headline is “White House sees wild-card nature as asset in Trump’s first foreign trip,” but reading the quotes, it looks more to me like his close advisors have no idea what he may say or do.

Rex Tillerson’s unbelievably condescending speech to State Department employees on May 3. One of his points was that “America First” means that values will no longer be a major part of foreign policy. Here’s one typical reaction to that. It’s naive to think that such a thing is possible or desirable, and naive to say it publicly.

Iran is coming up to a presidential election. Its economy isn’t doing as well as its leaders promised it would.

Russia has used disinformation at least since it was the Soviet Union. They have brought it up to date with today’s technology. Some history and background here.

How Russia kept reinventing the Red Army.


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