Not-Trump Links – May 12, 2017

There is a lot going on in the world beyond the United States. The problems that Donald Trump is inflicting on the country are severe, but we need to continue to be aware of the rest of the world. 

Why Israel should ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Vladimir Putin wanted an economic union to rival the European Union. It’s not doing well. Russia has another problem: a fee (tax) called Plato levied on long-haul truckers has been protested by the truckers for a month or more. Now the government of Dagestan, a part of Russia, is protesting the Plato system. Many more articles about the truckers’ action at Paul Goble’s blog at that link.

Russia is suspected of probing energy systems in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in preparation for a larger hack. In the now-ongoing ransomware infections, Russia is the hardest hit.

India has long been a nuclear outlier. It has developed nuclear weapons and power reactors in a program in which the military and civilian uses of nuclear power are closely intertwined. It denounces the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty as determining a two-tier nuclear weapons world. But it also would like to trade in nuclear commodities with the rest of the world. Here’s a status report.

An international group –  including a former commander of the U.S. atomic arsenal; the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Pakistan; a retired admiral who was in charge of India’s nukes; the ex-heads of the Chinese military’s strategic studies and science institutes; and Russia’s former foreign minister and chief atomic weapons designer – has formed to educate heads of states and governmental personnel on nuclear weapons.


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