Links – June 3, 2017

Every Russia story Donald Trump said was a hoax by Democrats: A timeline.

Watch what he does, not what he says: Trump’s words and budget for NATO.

A devastating portrait of Donald Trump.

Everyone at Vladimir Putin’s table at that RT dinner with Michael Flynn and Jill Stein, identified.

Long read on phishing and faking emails.  When emails are released, consider that some of them may be faked or modified.

What does Russia want? Basically, a sphere of control and for the West to come to its senses. Very much a case of two parties talking past each other.

The historic B-52 bomber no longer carries nuclear gravity bombs. Cruise missiles, yes. Photo from here.

Both Graham Allison and John Bolton suggest that reunifying the Korean Peninsula with China’s aid could be the way to denuclearize it.

An astronaut thinks about the climate change discussion.

What did the Soviets call their first atomic bomb test?

Added on Sunday, June 4:

Nine questions to ask after a terrorist attack.

Apparently Rex Tillerson has told his chief of staff to keep people away from him. She doesn’t seem to have much foreign policy experience. And she’s even keeping Condoleezza Rice, who recommended him to Trump, out.

More very fascinating history: ‘Last Secret’ of 1967 War: Israel’s Doomsday Plan for Nuclear Display.

North Korea blows off the latest sanctions.


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