Links – June 15, 2017

This has additional salience now that we know that special counsel Robert Mueller is indeed investigating Donald Trump. If Trump fires Mueller (or orders his firing). Julia Ioffe summarizes what we know about Jeff Sessions’s meetings with Sergey Kislyak and what we don’t know.

The president’s delegation of determining troop levels in Afghanistan to the Pentagon is unprecedented and dangerous.

Why Germany should not go nuclear.

Long read: Russia and the West in a new standoff.

North Korea’s missles – moving toward an ICBM.

A new report says that monitoring nuclear tests is easier than ever.

Aspects of the Iran nuclear agreement that might be extended to other places, like North Korea.

Critics are wrong: Iran remains in compliance with nuclear accord.

Japan has a lot of plutonium, supposedly to provide electrical power via reactors. But they are denuclearizing. China has always been suspicious, because that plutonium could be used in bombs. Here are discussions from the Carter administration, but the problem is real today. Photo: Control room for the Rokkasho nuclear fuel reprocessing plant.

You know that mystery radio telescope signal that might have been a closed-in solar system? Nope – comets.